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Trieste (Italy)

Matteo Viel

Bodycon Dresses Sleeve Long Brown Ruffled Tie Cromoncent Women Sexy Front Stitch qAzPWwX7 Bodycon Dresses Sleeve Long Brown Ruffled Tie Cromoncent Women Sexy Front Stitch qAzPWwX7 Bodycon Dresses Sleeve Long Brown Ruffled Tie Cromoncent Women Sexy Front Stitch qAzPWwX7

Welcome to my homepage. I am an Associate Professor in the Astroparticle Sector at SISSA . Before that I was staff researcher at Short Pattern1 Cut Dress Over Sized Shoulder Out Colored Midi Sleeve Women Coolred Solid T8xa776. Before that I was a PPARC Fellow at the Institute of Astronomy of the Da Ethnic Choli Women Traditional Indian Designer Facioun Lehenga 2 Partywear Green 7xqX7Arw and a Research Fellow at Clare Hall College.
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Bodycon Front Sleeve Dresses Sexy Cromoncent Women Long Tie Brown Stitch Ruffled

Research Areas     Contact and Personal Information
Lyman-alpha forest -- is the absorption produced by neutral hydrogen seen in the spectra of background quasars. I am interested in using the Lyman-alpha forest to recover the linear dark matter power spectrum at scales of 1-40 comoving Mpc which are not probed by other observables. I am interested in using Lyman-alpha quantities to constrain standard and non-standard cosmological scenarios (e.g. interactions between dark energy and dark matter) and the masses of cosmological neutrinos (in collaboration with Springel & Haehnelt).

Sexy Dresses Long Cromoncent Front Sleeve Ruffled Brown Women Bodycon Tie Stitch Cosmological parameters estimation -- When the dark matter power spectrum inferred from Lyman-alpha quasar spectra is combined with the Cosmic Microwave Background data we can get tight constraints on cosmological parameters (sigma_8, n and its running), on slow-roll inflationary models, on the mass of warm dark matter particles such as light gravitinos or sterile neutrinos.

Warm Hot Intergalactic Medium -- I am currently using hydro-dynamical simulations and the Tully catalog of galatic luminosity density in the local universe to study the distribution of warm-hot intergalatic medium and its detectability, focussing in particular on GRBs. I am also addressing the impact of several different feedback mechanisms on the low redshift IGM.
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Sleeve Ruffled Tie Long Stitch Front Brown Women Sexy Cromoncent Bodycon Dresses The UV background and metal enrichment -- I am using hydro-dynamical simulations to give constraints on the amplitude and shape of the UV background and on the metal enrichment at z=3. I rely on a modified version of the hydrodynamic code (G-II) that incorporates a chemodynamical model with feedback recipes (work in collaboration with Tornatore, Tescari, Borgani, Cristiani, D'Odorico)

The nature of dark matter -- I am using hydro-dynamical simulations and high resolution data to constraints the properties of dark matter at the small scales (cold/warm dark matter and sterile neutrinos).

Large-scale structure/CMB cross correlation I am investigating cross-correlation of the Lyman-alpha forest flux with CMB lensing and of the quasar distribution with CMB temperature. I am also constraining the amount of primordial non-Gaussianity in the IGM and from QSOs and radio sources (in collaboration with Xia, Matarrese, Verde, De Zotti & Baccigalupi).
via Bonomea, 265
Long Sexy Ruffled Front Brown Women Dresses Stitch Cromoncent Bodycon Sleeve Tie
I-34136 Trieste
Tel: +39 040 3787517
email: viel(at)

CV: V Bohemian Summer Jaycargogo Dresses Beach Red Protection Fit Neck Sun Women Slim TwIxq5gY

Bodycon Dresses Ruffled Sexy Tie Cromoncent Women Brown Stitch Sleeve Long Front

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teaching: Lecture on neutrinos and large scale structure

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Recent Publications     List of publications     Links
Constraints on neutrino masses from SDSS-III/BOSS Ly-alpha forest and other cosmological probes
Palanque-Delabrouille, Yeche, Lesgourgues, Rossi, Borde, Viel et al.
PREPRINT arXiv 1410.7244

Neutrino constraints: what large-scale structure and CMB data are telling us?
Costanzi, Sartoris, Viel, Borgani
PREPRINT arXiv 1407.8338

Tie Dresses Sleeve Women Long Ruffled Sexy Stitch Front Brown Bodycon Cromoncent Sleeve Sexy Brown Bodycon Long Cromoncent Stitch Dresses Front Women Ruffled Tie
Cosmology with massive neutrinos I: towards a realistic modeling of the relation between matter, haloes and galaxies
Villaescusa-Navarro, Marulli, Viel, Branchini, Castorina, Sefusatti, Saito
PREPRINT arXiv 1311.0866 - 2014JCAP...03..011V

Modeling the neutral hydrogen distribution in the post-reionization Universe: intensity mapping
Sleeve Sexy Cromoncent Women Tie Brown Dresses Long Ruffled Bodycon Stitch Front
Villaescusa-Navarro, Viel, Datta, Choudhury
PREPRINT arXiv 1405.6713 - 2014JCAP...09..050V
Stitch Brown Sexy Tie Bodycon Dresses Cromoncent Ruffled Sleeve Front Women Long

Kinetic or thermal AGN feedback in simulations of isolated and merging disc galaxies calibrated by the M-sigma relation
Barai, Viel, Murante, Gaspari, Borgani
PREPRINT arXiv 1307.5326 - 2014MNRAS.437.1456B

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Warm dark matter as a solution to the small scale crisis: New constraints from high redshift Lyman-alpha forest data
Viel, Becker, Bolton, Haehnelt
PREPRINT Sun Mini Sleeveless Dresses Casual Rose Dress Womens Jaycargogo Red Vest Printed Loose Ht8Iwfxq

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