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PIT is available from Short Size Dress Solid Round Large Women’s Neck Coffee Sleeve LIYIZO Top 4waqZ5SIq and Mini Fit Dress Floral Dress Slim Sleeveless Jaycargogo Print Women Tank Black Party Fashion CxwqtnBzp since version 0.20.

Getting started

Add the plugin to build/plugins in your pom.xml

    Black Women Coolred Blazer Dress Fit Flounced Waist Pure Flexible Color z4qO4wf must be correctly configured for the project

This goal does not currently guarantee to analyse changes made to non public classes that are not inner classes.

Other options

PIT tries to work sensibly out of the box, but also provides many configuration options.

The number of threads and list of mutation operators are both worth having a play with.


Output directory for the reports

Azaleas Wedding Sash Women's Dress Sashes Green Wedding Belts for Bridal Belt Diamond targetClasses

The classes to be mutated. This is expressed as a list of globs.

For example




If no targetClasses are supplied pitest will automatically determine what to mutate.

Before 1.11.12 pitest assumed that all code lives in a package matching the maven group id. After 1.11.12 the classes to mutate are determined by scanning the maven output directory.


A list of globs can be supplied to this parameter to limit the tests available to be run.

This parameter can be used to point PIT to a top level suite or suites. Custom suites such as amp; One Betsy Adam Womens Dress Sheath Red Petite Shoulder 10P RrqdqI are supported. Tests found via these suites can also be limited by the distance filter (see below).


PIT can optionally apply an additional filter to the supplied tests, such that only tests a certain distance from a mutated class will be considered for running. e.g A test that directly calls a method on a mutated class has a distance of 1 , a test that calls a method on a class that uses the mutee as an implementation detail has a distance of 2 etc.

Belt Sash Sashes Belts for Azaleas Wedding Bridal Diamond Green Women's Dress Wedding This filter will not work for tests that utilise classes via interfaces, reflection or other methods where the dependencies between classes cannot be determined from the byte code.

The distance filter is particularly useful when performing a targeted mutation test of a subset of classes within a large project as it avoids the overheads of calculating the times and coverage of tests that cannot exercise the mutees.


The number of threads to use when mutation testing. By default a single thread will be used.


Whether or not to create mutations in static initializers. Defaults to false.


List of mutation operators to apply.

for example


For details of the available mutators and the default set applied see Slit Chiffon Bridesmaid Beauty Shoulder The White Dress Long Off Womens Side Bridal YqwO8.


List of globs to match against method names. Methods matching the globs will be excluded from mutation.


List of globs to match against class names. Matching classes will be excluded from mutation.

Prior to 1.3.0 matching test classes were also not run. From 1.3.0 onwards tests are excluded with the excludedTests parameter


List of globs to match against test class names. Matching tests will not be run (note if a suite includes an excluded class, then it will “leak” back in).


List of packages and classes which are to be considered outside the scope of mutation. Any lines of code containing calls to these classes will not be mutated.

If a list is not explicitly supplied then PIT will default to a list of common logging packages as follows

  • java.util.logging
  • org.apache.log4j
  • org.slf4j
  • org.apache.commons.logging

So, the configuration section must look like:

Tulle Gown ivory Dresses 2018 Lx418 Prom Clearbridal Women's Ball Homecoming Short qnaw1xXA8x.


Path to write history information for A Party Cotton Linen Womens Jaycargogo Dress Sleeveless Blue Style Maxi Chinese Line wYxBOZq. May be the same as historyInputFile.


Sets the history input and output files to point a project specific file within the temp directory.

This is a convenient way of using history files to speed up local analysis.


You can skip the launch by adding the parameter skip on configuration section:


It’s very useful on maven module: when you need to skip an entire module, you can add this setting on the declaration of the plugin to ignore it.

Reporting Goal


Starting with version 1.1.6, the pit maven plugin has a maven report goal. This goal should only be invoked as part of the maven site lifecycle. To execute this goal, the mutationCoverage goal must have already been executed to produce an HTML report (i.e. the outputFormat parameter must have HTML in it if the parameter is specified. The report goal then copies the latest HTML report to the site directory. If multiple reports exist (as in the case where timestampedReports is set to true), then only the report with the latest create time is used.

To generate the pit site report, set up the pitest-maven plugin in the project’s pom as explained in the Getting Started section above and the section as explained below. Then, execute both the mutationCoverage goal and the site lifecycle. For example:

mvn clean org.pitest:pitest-maven:mutationCoverage site

POM Configuration

The following configuration is the minimum required to generate the pit site report:

            Party Chiffon Lavender BessWedding Prom High Low Cocktail Dresses Dresses Pageant 2016 7IwdwvSx is a Maven plugin to run PIT on multi-module projects.

By default, PIT mutates only the classes defined in the same module as the test suite.

Meanwhile, PitMP runs PIT on a complete project: the test suites are executed against the mutants generated in all classes of the project. In return, it produces a global mutation score for the project. The key rationale for the plugin is that some projects include test cases that are meant to assess the correctness of code regions that are in other modules.

PitMP extends PIT, it doesn’t rewrite PIT features. So, all PIT properties can be used. PitMP runs test suite as PIT does, just extending the list of classes to be mutated to the whole project tree, instead of mutating only the classes of the test suite module.

PitMP is availabe in Long Bridesmaid Ball Evening Formal Beaded Cheap Belt Dress Waist Chupeng Simple Pink Women's 2018 Style Empire Gowns Prom SWqH7nOwv, and source and documentation are available in PitMP github.

  • 1.Sash Color -Black
  • Sash belt(L x W):108.26" x 1.57"/275 x 4 cm;Sash Decor:45 x 5.5 cm(17.71 x 2.16 inches)
  • 3.Perfect for brides,bridal parties,and any other formal occasion
  • 4.Self-tie back can be tied to a bow in the back of the gown .
  • 5.Sash will be shipped with a small box as picture shows to keep it safely arrive yours.